Mike Day

Albrighton Anglers Club Secretary

1999 to 2022

Sad start to 2022

**Club Announcement**

16th Jan 2022


It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the passing of Mike Day.


Mike Day

Albrighton Anglers Club Secretary

1999 to 2022

With the recent sad loss of Mike, members of the clubs committee would like to pay tribute to the clubs guiding light for the last 22 years.

 Although not a committee member at the time, Mike took over the role of club secretary, after Paul Webster stood down in 1999. With the recent loss of the pools at Patshull, our club at that time was at a very low ebb, membership was down to around 40 anglers. From that point under Mikes leadership and the support of the committee, we started to rebuild our club.

Shortly after Mike taking over, although funding was extremely tight, the two rented sections of the river Severn were purchased, thus assuring membership would always have venues to fish. As other venues became available to rent, it would be Mike who would chase up the lead, finding contact details and talking to the landowners, always securing a favourable lease, he was brilliant at it.

A recent example of Mikes ability to secure a lease is Fletchers Pool, he received a call from Staffordshire Council, saying the pool is available to rent, to interested clubs and groups. A small group of committee members attended the open day, to look at the venue, other clubs and society’s were also there on the day. The council required rental bids in writing, the committee members who went to the open day all suggested different bids. It was Mike who decided on our final bid figure, as to be expected, he pitched it perfectly and Albrighton Anglers now have a five year lease on Fletchers.

The greatest achievement under Mikes stewardship, has to be the purchase of the “Barlows site”, it is to be renamed “The Mike Day Fishery”, in tribute to the man. When the site became available it was Mike who took the lead in its acquisition, it would be fair to say there was some concern in committee that the club could fold if it over extended financially, but under Mikes steading hand we pushed ahead, using five year memberships and interest free loans from members, the site was fully paid for in 2007, ahead of the original competition date.

After purchase Mike and another dedicated committee member, the late Colin Wollaston carried out a great deal of work needed on the site, including clearance prior to the construction of Oak pool and planting lily pads and many trees across the site, often paid for out of their own pockets. The club is rightly proud resulting fishery, picturesque and peaceful its a wonderful spot to pass a few hours fishing and has to be one of the best tench fisheries in the midlands. The purchase of the site had secured the clubs future in perpetuity as there will always be both Stillwater and river venues for membership to use.

Its been a honour and a pleasure to serve on committee during Mike’s secretary tenure, he was a club secretary that simply got things done, a lot of it unseen by the general membership.

Rest in Peace our good friend.

Please click on the link to find information on Mikes memorial page and funeral arrangements.